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Our Services

We are primarily a detailing company that offers mobile and shop base detailing to it's customers. We give our customers the flexibility to decide if they will like to get there car detailed at there location or at our shop. In the nearest future we will be adding tint, paint protection film, and wrap to our services. 

Our Company only work by appointment but the appointment could be a same day appointment.

  • Do you see your car as an investment?
    4 hr
    Starting at $125
  • Do you want to maintain the value of your car?
    1 hr
    Starting at $100
  • Do you want your car looking stunning without breaking the bank?
    1 hr
    Starting at $50
  • Are You Looking To Sell Your Car?
    1 hr
    Starting at $50
  • Are you having problem seeing when driving at night?
    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • Do you have a car that smells?
    5 hr
    Starting at $120
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