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mobile detailing toronto

Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Package is a comprehensive service that leaves no corner of your vehicle untouched. We begin by thoroughly washing and drying the exterior, including all windows, rims, and tires. This is followed by a meticulous hand waxing process that ensures maximum shine and protection for your car's paint.

Moving on to the interior, we vacuum every nook and cranny, from floor mats to seat crevices. All surfaces are then carefully wiped down with high-quality cleaning products, leaving a fresh and clean scent. We also pay special attention to the details, such as door jambs and cup holders.

mobile detailing toronto
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Our Deluxe Package Process

1) Interior debris Blow out: We'll take away your personal belongings and dispose of the evident trash. Before we begin, it does assist if you get rid of any personal items. We'll use our air compressor to blow out any loose particles.


2) Interior Vacuuming: We'll fully vacuum your interior, including the trunk, using our air compressor, drills, and vacuum.


3) Seat, carpet and trunk shampoo: Using our fabric-specific cleaners and commercial grade hot water extractor, we’ll shampoo the fabric material to pull out the stains and gunk.


4) Plastic and leather shampoo: We will clean the plastic in the car interior using cleaning brush, scrub pad, steamer and degreaser.


5) Door and trunk Jamb cleaning: The door panel will be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.


6) Add conditional to plastic & leather: Leather and plastic conditional will be applied to revitalize the look of the interior plastic and leather.


7) Clean Wheels: The first thing we do whenever we detail a car exterior is to clean your tires, rims and wheel wells. We will clean the brake dust using our brake dust removal chemical.


8) Clean the outside of the car: We rinse the car down, spray on degreeser, foam it down, wash it using two (2) buckets, rinse the soap down and dry using a towel or air blower.


9) Add wax to the car: Detailing is never complete with the application of wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. We will apply wax that will last one (1) month to two (2) months.


10) Add "tire shine" to the tires: Cleaning the tire is never complete without adding a tire shine. Tire shine protects and gives a dark look to tires. We offer matte and glossy tire shine.


11) Clean the car windows: After every detail, we always make sure we clean the inside and outside your windows for a clearer view while driving.

Your Superb Deluxe Detailing Package

Welcome to a world of pristine cleanliness and unparalleled shine. Our Deluxe Package offers an exceptional interior and exterior detailing service designed specifically for car owners and enthusiasts who demand the very best for their vehicles. From the moment you hand over your keys to us, you can trust that we will treat your car with the utmost care and attention to detail.

How Our Mobile Deluxe Detailing Package Operates.

  • Book Online or Call Us: Schedule an appointment at your convenience.

  • We Come to You: Our professional detailers arrive at your chosen location in Etobicoke.

  • We Detail Your Car: Sit back and relax while we transform your vehicle.

  • Enjoy the Shine: Drive away in a car that feels brand new.

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Premium Interior Package Prices

Pricing Structure


Compact Cars: $200

Compact SUV: $220

Large SUVs, Minivan and Trucks: $250

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Deluxe Package?

Our Deluxe Package includes comprehensive interior and exterior detailing services, using premium products and techniques to ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible.

How long does the detailing process take?

Typically, the entire process takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure timely service and availability.

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