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Smoke Odor Removal

Do you have a car that smells?

  • 24 hours
  • Starting at $400
  • Rogers Road

Service Description

There are various odor removal techniques to get rid of smoke odor from your car, but the odor remains in the surface. We remove odors that are deep inside your car, so it does not smell like smoke when people enter your car, we use ozone generator machine with our odor removal process. This is not masking the odor with fragrance and perfume to cover it up, this is removing and reducing the layer of nicotine and tobacco that’s left behind. Ozone odor removal is a great alternative for those who just want to get rid of the odor and keep their car as it is without adding perfume, fragrance oil or scented car odor treatment products. The odor treatment we use removes odor from deep down inside your upholstery materials: fabric (fabric odor removal), vinyl (vinyl odor removal), leather (leather odor removal) and plastics (plastic odor removal). Ozone odor treatment is the only non-toxic odor elimination method approved by most car interiors manufacturers, it breaks down odor molecules to their basic elements. Ozone removes this type of odor with its high oxidation power, since it penetrates deep into your fabrics and materials. Combo of Full Interior detailing and Odor removal We start with cleaning your entire interior with Environment Friendly cleaner that cleans the surface thoroughly and dries up quickly without leaving any residue or odor behind. Then we use an ozone machine, which eliminates odor at its source. Ozone generator machine kills odor-causing bacteria, fungi & viruses in your car without damaging your fabric or leather surfaces by 99%. This means no more smoke odor throughout the car. Before odor removal, we deeply clean the entire upholstery with a steam extraction machine to get rid of the odor causing stains. We finish it off with Scotch guard protection to increase the durability of your fabric and leather surfaces while adding an extra layer of protection against future spills and stains. After this service, you can be sure that odor will never come back and your vehicle (car) interior will stay fresh and clean longer. You can drive around stress-free, knowing that everything smells like new. OUR SMOKE REMOVAL + FULL INTERIOR DETAILING PROCESS 1) Blow out debris. 2) Vacuum the carpet, seat and trunk. 3) Extract seat, carpet and trunk. 4) Clean plastic and leather surfaces. 5) Clean door and trunk Jamb. 6) Clean door panels. 7) Add protection to plastic & leather. 8) Ozone Generator Treatment.

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