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Infiniti pre paint correction

Paint Correction

Protect your investment by preserving the paint for years to come.

  • 5 hours
  • Starting from $300
  • Rogers Road

Service Description

Paint correction is a meticulous process that involves removing swirl marks, light scratches, and other surface defects from your vehicle's paintwork. It is a highly skilled technique that requires expertise and specialized tools. Paint correction aims to restore the shine and gloss, making your car look brand new again. By addressing the imperfections on your car's surface, paint correction enhances the overall appearance and increases its aesthetic appeal. The imperfection on car surfaces is usually caused by improper washing techniques, such as using a dirty sponge or towel or using abrasive cleaning agents. Other common issues include light scratches, water spots, oxidation, and holograms. OUR STEPS IN PAINT CORRECTION: 1). Washing: Before any correction can take place, we thoroughly wash your car to remove any dirt, grime, or contaminants that may hinder the correction process. 2). Paint decontamination: In this step, we remove any bonded contaminants, such as tar, tree sap, or industrial fallout, that cannot be removed through regular washing. 3). Inspection: We thoroughly inspect the vehicle's paintwork to assess the extent of the scratches and determine the appropriate course of action. 4). Paint correction: This is where we use a combination of machine polishing and specialized compounds to remove the imperfections from the paint. This step requires precision and expertise to ensure the best possible results. 5). Finishing: Once the correction is complete, we will refine the paint further to achieve a high level of gloss and clarity. 6). Protection: To ensure the longevity of the corrected paint, it is essential to apply a protective coating or wax. This helps to prevent future damage from environmental elements and makes maintenance easier. For this step, the best protection we recommend for longevity is Ceramic coating. PRICING We charge based on the size of the car and how deep the scratches. Our price starts from $300 for sedans. $400 for small/midsize SUVs. $500 for Large SUVs/Truck/Minivan. Call us to request a coat

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