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Engine Detailing

Are You Looking To Sell Your Car?

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $50
  • Rogers Road

Service Description

Looking to give your engine a show-quality shine? Kayz Auto Detailing has you covered! Our team of experts will take care of every nook and cranny, leaving your engine looking like new. Detailing the engine compartment of a vehicle is very delicate and should be done with care to prevent damage. Detailing a car engine can be done using two (2) methods called waterless and water detailing. The customer gets to decide the method they want. Water detailing involve using water to rinse down the engine and waterless involves using the steamer or a degreeser, brush and microfiber towel. The safest method is the waterless engine detailing. If you need your car detailed as soon as possible, you can book an appointment with us now for our car engine detailing in Toronto. We are a mobile detailing company, we come to you. OUR ENGINE DETAILING PROCESS 1) Blow out dirt and debris: The powerful, forced air blower will loosen the dirt and debris from the engine for easy vacuuming. 2) Vacuum dirt and debris: After blowing out of the debris what we do next is to vacuum. Vacuum helps get rid of the loosened dirt and debris quickly. 3) Spray the engine with a degreeser: We will spray the engine down with a degreeser to loosen the dirt for easy cleaning. 4) Thorough Scrub and Steam/Rinse: After the degreeser has loosened the dirt, we will scrub every surface in the engine compartment. After scrubbing, we will rinse or steam the engine. 5) Dry the engine: After rinsing, we will blow dry the engine and mop the remaining water with microfiber towel. 6) Add plastic protectant: After we have dried the car engine thoroughly, we will add protection to the plastic to prevent it from fading.

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