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Auto Detailing Brampton: How to remove cigarette smoke odor from a car interior

Updated: May 12

Detailing Cars With a Smoke Smell

Cigarette smoke is one of the most difficult odors to remove from car interiors. The reason cigarette smoke odors are so hard to remove is because they go through a lot of changes and can be very sticky and gummy and seep into the car's fibers, plastics, vinyl's and cloths. Cigarette smoke also attaches itself to car seats very easily due to the ultra fine particles in cigarette smoke that attach themselves deep within car fabric materials such as cloth car seats. Because of this fact alone it will take more time than expected to get rid of cigarette odor from car upholstery or car carpet. To get a better result for this service, you must be able to do a thorough car detailing service.

To remove odors from car interiors you need to start by vacuuming car carpets & seats (vacuum), cleaning car door panels, cleaning vents, window tracks and then wipe everything dry with microfiber cloth. After that you should do a deep clean (shampoo) of the interior. Once everything dries out it's time to get your ozone machine that is plugged-in inside your car.

You can find an ozone machine at any hardware store, some stores will even rent them out for free, so you might not have to buy one if you just want to give it a try first. To use the ozone machine is simple, just plug in the cord outside your car but leave the machine inside your car and close all doors and windows. Turn on high for 30 minutes then shut it off after that time period has passed. Once this is done go back inside your vehicle with the vents on recirculate (no AC needed) and start smelling around all areas of the interior/seats/carpets for odors, including under seats), every nook & cranny.

After giving everything a chance to air out for about 30 minutes you can turn off the car. You might be able to smell the ozone for the rest of the day or tomorrow but any strong car interior cigarette smoke odors should be gone by then. Repeat this process as needed until all cigarette odors are gone from car interiors and car fabric materials such as car carpets & car seats.

For a better result, these service should be done by a professional car detailing service provider like Kayz Auto Detailing.

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