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#1: Why Is Auto Detailing?

#2: What are the Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed?

#3: What are the Type of Services Offer by Detailers?

Why Is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is an activity that keeps the vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic, as opposed to mechanical. This is achieved by removing both visible and invisible contaminants from the vehicle's interior, and polishing the exterior to its original blemish-free finish.

Auto detailing is the same as car detailing and they can be interchanged with each other. Car detailing is cleaning of cars inside and outside thoroughly by paying attention to details. This can be done weekly, monthly or yearly base on how often the car is being driven.

Car detailing is not a job to be rushed. It might take car detailers two hours or even half a day to clean a car to the highest standards. You are paying for skilled car detailers who bring their expertise and dedication to the art of auto detailing.

The cost of car detailing also depends on the size and type of vehicle. Specialized equipment, high-quality auto detailing supplies and expert car detailing techniques are reflected in a higher price. If you only use your car occasionally, it will be in better condition and require less car detailing than someone who uses their mobile car more often.

What are the Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed?

1). Sales Value:

​Most people biggest or second biggest investment is a car, so it must be taken care of on a regular basis to keep or maintain it's value. Detailing your car can up your car resale value by $2,000 or above.

​2). Clean Car:

​If you drive a dirty car, most likely you might have to explain to people that enter your car about how your car got dirty in other not to feel judged by them. It is very refreshing driving a car that looks, feels and smells clean.

​3). Sickness:

​Imagine using a washroom that has not been cleaned in a year or more, you will be prone to contacting a disease that might lead to serious illness. This analogy applies to a car interior that is being used everyday for months/years without detailing and so many bacteria are dwelling in it.

What are the types of services offered by detailers?

Car detailers offer two(2) major types of car detailing services and they are interior car detailing and exterior car detailing.


#1: What Is Interior Car Detailing?

#2: What are the Steps for Interior Car Detailing?

What Is Interior Car Detailing?

Interior detailing is the most requested car detailing service. If a car is very dirty, you will need an expert with the experience and the right equipment to bring the car back to a new condition. If the car is lightly dirty but needs just vacuum and wipe-down, people will prefer to detail it themselves.

What are the Steps for Interior Car Detailing?

Every detailer has his/her ways to get a car detailed to it's pristine condition base on the size and condition of the car but at least they must follow most of the major steps below.

​1). Debris Blowout:

​Before vacuum it is better to dislodge the dirt in the carpet and crevice areas. The main reason to dislodge the debris in a car is to make vacuuming easy when when detailing. If you do not follow this process, you might be struggling with vacuuming dirt that are stuck to the seat, carpets or other parts of the car. The debris can be blown out using the air from an air compressor with an air gun connected to it.

The best and affordable air compressor for detailers or car enthusiast is Rigid 200 Psi 4.5 Gal. Electric Quiet Compressor that can be bought from home depot. The best air gun attachment to use with an air compressor to get the best result is the Tornador Blow Gun Z-014a by Tornador. Sometimes, while detailing you might come in contact with pet air that needs to be vacuumed, but vacuuming pet hair can be a nightmare without the right equipment. The Tornador blow gun helps to dislodge the pet air from the carpet or seats for easy vacuuming.

​2). Vacuuming:

​A thorough interior vacuuming will make a car look 10x better. Vacuuming gives a clearer view of the stains that needs to be focused on during the extraction (Shampoo) process. Seventy percent (70%) of an interior detailing is thorough vacuuming. To thoroughly vacuum a car interior when detailing, you need to have crevice tool and varieties of other attachment. You need a vacuum cleaner with a very power suction to thoroughly vacuum a car within reasonable time. To perform a very thorough vacuuming when detailing a car, some tools are needed and they are pet hair removal brush, and drill/scrub brush. The pet hair brush is used to loosen pet hair from carpet and the drill/scrub is used to spread the carpet fibers for easy cleaning. ​

​3). Extraction/Shampoo:

​Professional detailers call this process extraction while the customers or car enthusiasts call it shampoo. This process is mostly done on car fabric seats, carpets and floormats, to get the stains out if they are not yet bonded with the seat/carpet/floormat. This process includes three (3) steps and they are as follows

  • Applying all purpose cleaner/degreaser/dedicated carpet or fabric cleaner to loosen the stain and bring it out to the surface.

  • This step includes agitation of the fabric/carpet to work the cleaner more into the fabric/carpet to further loosen the stain.

  • Using the extraction/shampoo machine, water is sprayed into the seat/carpet to mix with the cleaner and stain which is then vacuumed out using the extraction machine. The Spraying and vacuuming of the water with the stain and cleaner is done simultaneously to leave a clean seat and carpet.

This process can be replaced with steam Cleaning. Instead of using an extractor, if the car interior is not too dirty you can use a steam cleaner to remove the stain and wipe off/dry with a towel.

​4). Plastic/Leather/Vinyl Cleaning:

​Every interior plaster, leather and vinyl surfaces should be cleaned using an all purpose cleaner or a dedicated cleaner for each of those surfaces. These cleaners can be used in different ways base on how dirty the car interior is. The cleaning process can be done using an interior detailing towel, crevice brush, or steam cleaner. interior detailing towel is used for light dirt, crevice brush is for medium dirt while steam cleaner is for heavy dirt.

​​5). Floor Mat Cleaning:

​The rubber floormat should be scrubbed and hosed down for thorough cleaning. The carpet floormat should be shampooed using the extractor or steamer base on how dirty it is.

​6). Protection & Shine:

​After the car interior is thoroughly cleaned, the interior plastic, leather and vinyl should be protected against UV and sunlight. This does not add only protection but adds shine to revitalize the surface. Protection can also be added to the fabric and carpet to prevent moisture from entering the pulse of the material.

​7). Window Cleaning:

​Detailing is not complete until the car windows are cleaned inside and outside. The car window, windshield and every other glass in the car should be cleaned to a streak free for easy visibility when the customer drives the car. ​


#1: What Is Exterior Car Detailing?

#2: What are the Steps for Exterior Car Detailing?

What is Exterior Car Detailing?

Some people think this service is the same as a car wash service but they are not the same. A car wash service is an express wash but exterior car detailing is a more intensive wash process.

Steps for Exterior Detailing:

To thoroughly detail/clean the exterior of a car, each of the steps must be followed but if you just want a basic exterior detail, you should exclude step five (5) and six (6).

​1). Clean Rims:

The rims of a car show be cleaned at least once a month to maintain it's condition because of the break-dust and dirt. In other to detail a rim thoroughly some chemicals and tools are require

​2). Clean Tires:

​Tires have black color and it would not be pleasant to have a clean car with a brown tires. The four tires should be thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser or a dedicated tire cleaner and they must be cleaned as many times as possible until they are clear of tire blooming. Tire cleaning is not finished until the tire has turned black. ​

​3). Clean Wheel Wells:

​The wheel wells is under the car that is right above and beside the tires. These parts of the car is never thoroughly cleaned at the car wash but it should be cleaned if you get your car cleaned by a professional detailer. If this part is thoroughly cleaned it will add more beauty to the car.

​4). Clean Car Body:

​To get the body of a car cleaned three (3) methods can be followed and they are:

  • Waterless Wash: This method involves using a spray container, diluted chemical and towels. This method will make you run through a lot of towels compared to the full traditional wash. This method includes spraying the dedicated chemical unto the car body, wiping the chemical with the dirt and buffing the residue off with another clean towel.

  • Rinseless Wash: This is more like the waterless wash but the difference is that more water is added here for more lubricity. The steps are also the same with the waterless wash.

  • Wash & Rinse Wash: This is the most traditional way of getting your car cleaned to the best condition. This can be done using the touchless wash or the contact wash. The touchless wash means foaming a car with a very aggressive cleaner that lifts the dirt off the car paint and rinsing it down with water while the contact wash is using a wash mitt and car soap to scrub the dirt off the paint and rinsing down with water.

​5). Mechanical Decontamination of Paint (Clay Bar):

​Washing a car is not enough to get dirt's off the car paint. Some dirt are imbedded in the car paint that it cannot be seen with the human eye but can only be removed with a clay bar designed solely for that purpose. To remove the imbedded contaminant in the paint, you have to spray a dedicated lubricant on the paint and scrub the paint with the clay bar and wiped/rinsed after to have a smooth paint surface. This process must be done to complete the exterior detailing of a car.

​6). Chemical Decontamination of Paint (Iron Removal):

​This process is for removing iron contaminants from the paint with just a dedicated chemical. When driving your car there is a possibility that iron fallout will fall on your car and they will embed into the paint of your car. You have to spray the dedicated chemical on your car paint and rinsed off accordingly.

​7). Wax/Sealant Application:

​After a car has being thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, it should be protected to prevent future contaminants sticking to the paint. The protection can last for months or years base on how you maintain your car. The protection varies and they have different durability. Wax is the weakest of the two (2) protections and it can last one (1) to six (6) months. Sealant is the strongest of the two (2) and it can last up to one (1) year.

​8). Tire Shine:

​After the tires are thoroughly cleaned, protection should be added to prevent future blooming and for UV protection. The tire shine gives the tire deep black look and they can either be greasy shine or matte shine. Greasy shine is mostly produced by silicon based tire shine while the matte shine is mostly produced by water base tire shine.