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Auto Detailing Brampton: 5 Steps to keep your car interior clean

Updated: May 12

It's important to keep your car interior clean not just for looks and smell, but also to help protect the upholstery and keep you safe. But it can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. We'll give you some tips on how to get started below.

1) Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Spills are probably the easiest car interior cleaning job, but they can still be difficult if you don't act quickly enough. The longer you wait to clean up a spill, the more likely it is that the spilled material will permanently stain your car's seats and carpets. Car interior spills are easy to remove when they happen but can be difficult if they're allowed to set in for too long. To avoid this, so as soon as a spill happens, you should try to remove it with a dry cloth. If that doesn't work, use a moist rag or towel and then dab the area again with a dry cloth. If the spill is still present, use a car-appropriate cleaning solution and follow up with a damp rag. Make sure everything is fully dry before you let your car's interior air out in sunlight or heat to prevent any lingering smells.

2) Vacuum the car's interior weekly.

Be sure to vacuum out any crumbs, dirt or loose debris that has accumulated in the car during the week. This will help get rid of bad odors and reduce allergens from getting into your car's upholstery. For car's with cloth interiors, be careful not to damage the car's interior or upholstery with a vacuum that has metal components.

3) Wipe down car interior surfaces weekly with a car-appropriate cleaning solution.

After regular use, car interiors can get dirty and need some deep cleaning. There are many cars detailing kits you can buy from your local car accessories store to help you get started.

4) Use a protectant to keep the leather or vinyl from getting dry or cracked.

If the car's interior has leather or vinyl upholstery, be sure to use a protectant on them to prevent the car's interior from getting dry or cracked. Protectants are available for purchase at car detailing supply stores and can help protect a car's interior from cracking, fading and other damage.

5) Shampoo the carpets every few months.

If your car's carpeting starts to look dirty or old, be sure to shampoo them every few months. You can buy car interior cleaning kits that include shampoo for car carpets. It's best to take the car to a local car spa for this service, as it takes some time and expertise to properly clean the car.

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