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Best Headlight Restoration in Toronto

Make your headlight look very clear for better view in the night.

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Many new car owners have no idea that there are many levels of detailing to be done on their vehicles.


When it comes to car care, nothing is more important than your headlights. Keep them shining bright with kayz auto detailing. 


We offer a lifetime warranty on our headlight restoration package, so you can keep your car looking its best for years to come.

If the headlight fades, we'll be happy to restore it for you, no matter how long you've owned the vehicle.


Let kayz auto detailing take care of your car's headlights and get ready to see the world in a whole new light!

You get a lifetime warranty for your headlight restoration package. If the headlight fades, we will come back to restore it, as long as you still own the vehicle.

If you need your car interior detailed as soon as possible, you can book an appointment with us now for the best headlight restoration in TorontoWe are a mobile detailing company, we come to you.


Clean Headlight

The first thing we do to every surface of a car is to clean it, and this applies to the headlight.

Wet sanding

This is done by using different grits of sand paper. We start sanding using a more aggressive grit, then progress to a more refined grit.


Using the right polish paste and pad will give the headlight the most refined finish.

Tape the painted surfaces.

We will tape every painted surface close to the headlight. This is done solely to prevent the sand paper from damaging the car paint.


In this process, we use a compound paste and pad to give it a more refined finish than the sanding.


After the headlight is restored back to its original condition, it is better to preserve it by adding a layer of protection to prevent fading.


Our prices are based on the sizes of your vehicles

Sedan/Hatchback/Mini Suv


Large SUV/Minivan



Do I need to book an appointment?

At this time, our customers have to book an appointment for every detailing package.

Can you detail my car today?

Yes, we can detail your car today if we have an opening during our hours of operation.

Do you need to connect to our water and power?

No, we do not need to connect to neither our customers power nor water. We bring our own water and generator to power our equipments.

Can you detail at my office?

Yes, we can detail your car at your office. This is possible because we bring our own water and power.

How long does your headlight restoration take?

Our headlight restoration takes anywhere from thirty (30) Minutes to one (1) hour.

Is it included in the full exterior detailing package?

No, it is not included in the full exterior detailing package.


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