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Thorough And Affordable Full Exterior Car Detailing In Toronto

Make your car look like new with our full interior car detailing package.

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Many new car owners have no idea that there are many levels of detailing to be done on their vehicles.


Whether you just want a quick wash or if your vehicle has some stains and heavy dirt build-up, which requires extensive cleaning; our full exterior detail will leave any car looking  spanking clean.


Detail your car to perfection with our full exterior detailing service.


We use only the best products that will give you a fresh, new look and make sure there are no pesky bugs or dirt stains on it.


Most of our customers like to book this service with the full interior car detailing in Toronto package to give their car a perfect new look.

If you need your car interior detailed as soon as possible, you can BOOK an appointment with us now. We are a mobile detailing company, we come to you.


Clean Wheels

The first thing we do whenever we detail a car exterior is to clean your tires, rims and wheel wells. We will clean the brake dust using our brake dust removal.

Clean the outside of the car

We rinse the car down, spray on degreeser, foam it down, wash it using two (2) buckets, rinse the soap down and dry using a towel or air blower.

Clay Bar treatment

This is a mechanical decontamination of your car paint. The clay bar treatment is a great way to remove bonded contaminants, tar and other surface impurities from your car's paint.

Add "tire shine" to the tires

Cleaning the tire is never complete without adding a tire shine. Tire shine protects and gives a dark look to tires. We offer matte and glossy tire shine.

Clean door and trunk jamb

It looks odd to see a clean car, but the door jamb is dirty when you are about stepping in. We pressure wash the door panels and wipe it down.

Iron Removal

This is a chemical decontamination process. This will remove every iron particle from your car.

Add wax to the car

Detailing is never complete with the application of wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. We will apply wax the will last from three (3) to six (6) months.

Clean the car windows

After every detail, we always make sure we clean the inside and outside your windows for a clearer view while driving.


Our prices are based on the sizes of your vehicles

Sedan/Hatchback/Mini Suv


Large SUV/Minivan



Do I need to book an appointment?

At this time, our customers have to book an appointment for every detailing package.

Can you detail my car today?

Yes, we can detail your car today if we have an opening during our hours of operation.

Do you need to connect to our water and power?

No, we do not need to connect to neither our customers power nor water. We bring our own water and generator to power our equipments.

Can you detail at my office?

Yes, we can detail your car at your office. This is possible because we bring our own water and power.

How long does your full exterior detailing take?

Our full exterior detailing takes anywhere from thirty (30) Minutes to one (1) hour.

Does it include waxing? And how long will it last?

Yes, our full exterior detailing includes waxing. The wax will last from six (6) months to One (1) year.


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