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Basic Interior Car Detailing In Toronto By Experts

Make your car look better with our basic interior car detailing package.

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Maintaining the cleanliness of your car's interior is important, but it can be difficult to find the time to do it yourself. That's where Kayz Auto Detailing comes in.


We offer a basic interior detailing package that will have your car looking like new again. Our team of experienced professionals will vacuum, wipe down the dashboard and plastic surfaces, clean the windows, and add UV protection to the plastic surfaces and dashboard.


No seat or carpet shampooing is included in this package, but we can provide that service as well if you need it (Full Interior Car Detailing In Toronto). So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to keep your car clean without breaking the bank, Kayz Auto Detailing is the place for you.

If you need your car interior detailed as soon as possible, you can book an appointment with us now for our Basic Interior Car Detailing In Toronto. We are a mobile detailing company, we come to you.


Thorough Vacuuming

After the dirt and debris is loosened up, the next thing is to vacuum it. We do a very thorough vacuuming.

UV protection on plastic surfaces

Car interior detailing is not complete without adding protect to the plastic and leather surfaces. This protects the plastic and leather from UV and sunlight.

Wipe down of light dust and debris

Using our all-purpose cleaner, we will agitate every leather and plastic surfaces in the car

Streak-free interior glass and windows

After every detail, we always make sure we clean the inside and outside your windows for a clearer view while driving.


Our prices are based on the sizes of your vehicles



Small SUV/Truck


Large SUV/Minivan



Do I need to book an appointment?

At this time, our customers have to book an appointment for every detailing package.

Can you detail my car today?

Yes, we can detail your car today if we have an opening during our hours of operation.

Do you need to connect to our water and power?

No, we do not need to connect to neither our customers power nor water. We bring our own water and generator to power our equipments.

Can you detail at my office?

Yes, we can detail your car at your office. This is possible because we bring our own water and power.

How long does your basic interior detailing take?

Our basic interior detailing takes anywhere from thirty (30) Minutes to one (1) hour.


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